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The printer PDM170-X from ALPE is a thermo printer for 1 up to 4 formats.
A barcode scanner with up to 700 scans can be integrated as option.
The development for the option to encode magnetic stripes and contactless cards
is planned or already in working process. 


Drucker PDM170
  Drucker PDM170

The main advantages are small sizes, a favorable price and best values for MTBF / MCBF.

        - width  = 117 mm
        - depth   = 139 mm
        - height   = 142 mm

General information and ALPE specialities:

Today printers are normally constructed for customer applications.
There are only few suitable printhead products for paper sizes and paper thicknesses
as they are used in vending machines.

Due to overhanging areas at the lettered side of the thermo printer heads the paper must
be curved. Depending on the paper stability, paper thicknesses of 0.08 to 0.4 mm are usable.

The PDM170-X is available for 1 up to 4 different formats. On request, a special version can be
developed which offers the possibility to use also 5 to 6 formats.

The multiformat dispenser with paper transport system and fixture is a patent of ALPE.

Drucker PDM170

The following picture shows the principle of the paper transport system in the printer of ALPE.
Both spindles are driven!

And here is the best paper cutting system worldwide: The V-cutter which is approved since decades.

Drucker PDM170

Examples of applications with 4 papers:

The paper rolls can be arranged on top of each other or side by side.
ALPE will consult you with the integration of the printer in your vending machine or will develop the optimal  
construction the printer or roll fixtures. ALPE can refer to 30 years of experience.